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In our group there is Becky Wholley (featured left) and me, Hannah Ferreira. We are producing a 2 minute film opening of the horror genre. The Film title is Sleep Tight.
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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Deconstructing the opening of Bridget Jones' diary, The Edge of Reason.

Director: Beeban Kidron (directed films mainly for TV and film 'Hippie Hippie Shake'.)
Released: 2004
Genre: Romantic comedy
Rating: 15
Budget: $40,000,000
Opening weekend: USA: $8,684,055      UK: £10,435,193

First 10 scenes

1. Extreme close up. POV shot. High angle. Happy classical soundtrack music playing. The character is in pyjama's writing in her diary- connotes that she is relaxed. Camera fades out and pans around the subject. Change in writing in her diary- could reflect a new start. A heart is drawn around the name Mark, providing anchorage. She does not care about presentation as there are many scribbles and scratching outs. As she opens the diary, there is non- diegetic sound of tinkling, high pitched piano keys. This sounds as if its from a fairy tale and so suggests her current blissful state of being and also the genre.

2. Long shot- mid angle. Establishing shot of a quaint village. The mise-en-scene; snow on trees, grey sky and decorations anchor that it is christmas time. Voice over. Only one car with her in it- she's alone. Jump cut to scene 3.

3. Wide/long shot- mid angle panning to a high angle of the village, following the car. jump cut to 4.

4. High angle mid shot of car approaching a house. Jump cut to scene 5.

5. Establishing shot of house. Long shot and low angle- makes the house look big as if she's about to face a challenge. The christmas decoration implies that it is a family home. The owners of the home are attempting to be classy by having hedges shaped like a swan. Diegetic sound of the doorbell and a jump cut to scene 6.

6. Over the shoulder shot. Close up, two shot of mother and daughter. Mid angle. Mother trying to be classy- hair and make up done, holding a plate of food (perfect host), kisses Bridget on both cheeks, chirpy and well spoken voice. Jump cut to 7.

7. High angle of mother and daughter. Mid/long shot. Juxtaposition of mothers outfit to Bridget's plain and shapeless clothes. Attempt of classy decor- striped wallpaper with gold trimmings. Many cat ornaments- connotes that the mothers children have grown up and moved out and so has many cats to keep her company -'crazy cat lady'?.

8. Close up- mid angle of Bridget walking into family room. Voice over of Bridget's feelings- differs to her polite, smiling face. Feet in the background on stairs. Childlike christmas jumper and wearing no make-up. This could imply her maturity level.

9. Wide/mid/long shot. Mid angle panning to high angle to show the typical christmas party. Drunk man wearing novelty reindeer antlers. Attempted flirting between older family friends. Close up on a man approaching Bridget with open arms. Awkward family event. 

10. Two shot of Bridget and older man. Close up mid angle. Close up zooms out to mid shot. Forced smile- obliged to attend. Camera follows Bridget through maze of greeting 'friends'.

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