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In our group there is Becky Wholley (featured left) and me, Hannah Ferreira. We are producing a 2 minute film opening of the horror genre. The Film title is Sleep Tight.
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Saturday, 22 January 2011

BW- All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Director: Jonathan Levine
Year of Release: 2006
Budget: $750,000
Box Office:$ 41,000

We see a average American high school corridor, as a teenage girl walks down the corridor we see her everyone staring at her as she walks by. The girl shown is pretty, blonde and the audience are left wondering whether she's new, popular or there's something else about hey why everyone stares but the most obvious  idea is that she attracts the opposite sex. This is portrayed through the use of framed shots of Mandy,and how the other students seem aligned on the side of the corridor as she walks through the centre. The first shots of Mandy are of her chest before her face, this portrays the idea of an object and falls under the pleasure of the male gaze, male pleasure. 

We then see her approach a boy sat on the floor, he's stereotypically the opposite, he appears 'nerdy', an 'outsider'. However through dialogue and their body language we realise they are infact friends. As we see them leave the school their approached by a group of kids in a car inviting Mandy to a pool party, her friend doesn't look pleased but she says they will both be attending, the group in the car look slightly annoyed that her friend will be coming also but drive off.

We then see a 'classic' American Pool party, where we see all the code of conventions for immoral behaviour, warning the audience of the idea that someone will be punished for this. The audience are made aware that alcohol, drinking, drugs and sexual interaction is occuring.
We also see the stereotypical idea of 'sexy' females and 'hench, masculine' males.

As the scene progresses we see the Mandy being approached by males at the party who think they can gain her attention but she is not interested. Where we see the idea that she is innocent, and although she looks like she should belong in this social group her and her 'nerdy' friend dont.

We see the party again and its now night time which signifies the party has been on for a while, which connotes the people there will be well under infleunce of alcohol.

As we see Mandy being pestered by a boy at the party who keeps attempting to 'fondle' her, her nerdy friends intervines which leads to a fight between the two boys. This shows the idea of protection between the two friends.

This opening uses eliptical editing and flashes to imply time has passed. This concept we intend on using in our coursework but to show a greater time having passed. The flashes will be used to show the babysitter dead and we're going to attempt to use eliptical editing to show the child grown up now at secondary school.

A main concept used in this opening is the main character, Mandy Lane, is an attractive girl who in the first opening shots the audience consider her role in the film, she  appears to suit the idea of stereotypical scream queen on looks but personailty we see a final girl characteristics.

We intend on also using this concept in our media, we would like to challenge the code and conventions of the final girl and scream queen and surprise the audience with our choice of actress for the murdered babysitter and the personailty she will portray.

This opening scene is around 8 minutes long. Which is much longer to our given 2 minutes, so to be able to portray and include as much information it would be very difficult in our given time. 

Trailer and Opening to film.

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